perfect pushup elite review 2020

Perfect pushup elite review 2020

Perfect fitness perfect pushup elite Review:

Triathletes generally do not expect the strength of central days. It’s not as much fun as getting on the bike, hitting the road, or even the pool. We all tend to neglect any type of weight training or stability. However, we all know that the proper time in the gym can reap many benefits over the course. Of course, none of that changes the fact that we fear it. And when it comes to the AG team, we just hate doing push-ups. Now there are a couple of reasons for this. First, a couple of our editors suffer from carpal tunnel and cannot place weight on a flat palm without much pain. Secondly, we are not really fans of the awkward looks we get when we try to do a pushup on the weight room floor. And that’s why we were so eager to try the Perfect Pushup Elite. As some of you probably remember from what you have seen on TV, Perfect Pushup Elite gives you the ability to complete multiple exercises at home without the pain associated with placing a flat palm on the floor.

The perfect Push-up Elite

For those of you who haven’t seen the commercials, Perfect pushup elite (review) consists of a pair of swivel handle designed to allow your arms to spin naturally. If you don’t understand what we mean by that, get up from your chair and try doing a pushup on the floor. Well, wait. Now notice how your hands seem to want to rotate when you push up from the floor? Of course, they cannot, since they are glued to the ground by the force of their body weight. That’s where the Perfect Pushup Elite comes in.

Even more than just comfort, the goal of this rotation is to involve more muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs. Turn a push-up from a mostly chest-powered exercise into one that more effectively involves your upper body. An added benefit of the design is that because it is a few inches off the ground, you can flex much deeper than one with your hands on the ground.

The Perfect Pushup Elite itself is as simple a product as ever. Each handle features a large, comfortable, non-slip grip attached to a swivel base. The bottom of the base also includes a spiral design meant to add additional stability. The end result is a product that, with regular use for the past six months, has shown almost no wear, still rotates as freely as the day we unpacked it.

Our thoughts

If we go back to why we hate push-ups, one of the main reasons was the strain on the wrist. Even for those who have managed to avoid wrist problems, push-ups can be a very uncomfortable exercise for the hands and wrists. And for those with chronic conditions like tendinitis or carpal tunnel, push-ups can be torture for the joints. Fortunately, Perfect Pushup Elite has completely removed that pain from the image. By allowing you to avoid a flat palm on the floor and freely rotate your arms and wrist, we have encountered no pain in the hand or wrist during the pushups we have previously suffered.

zoom Push-up Elite

While we were initially left with standard push-ups (which was hard enough in our minds), we finally got to the workout page and started adding a little spice to our workouts. They also have a helpful pdf for those not looking to watch a video in the middle of their gym session. Our favorite workout (torture session?) Was combining a 30-second board directly into a set of 30-rep push-ups.


Of course, the unfortunate side effect of Perfect Pushup Elite that allows us to do push-ups without pain is that we no longer have an excuse to avoid them. And for just $ 29.95 MSRP (you can find it for less if you search online), the price won’t be a reason to skip them, either. Yes, strength and core are not fun. But at least we no longer have to deal with the pain we used to associate with it. Add to that a workout that involves more of our upper body, and you can easily see why the Perfect Pushup Elite has become a standard part of our weekly core and strength sessions.

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