how to Increase Pitching Velocity - 3x Pitching review 2020

How to Increase Pitching Velocity – 3x Pitching review 2020

Throwing a baseball may seem simple at first. However, without learning the proper techniques involved, your throwing skills will be slow to develop. Whether you’re playing baseball for fun or professionally, training properly and increasing your Pitching Velocity speed can improve your performance. Strength building and mastery techniques will allow you to start adding power and speed to your throws.

Increase Pitching Velocity review Method 01.

Improving your technique

Use the proper finger position.

During a shot, you must fully utilize your movement to produce as much power as possible behind the ball. Part of maintaining full force behind the ball involves correctly placing your fingers during the shot. Consider some of these tips when launching:
Keep your fingers behind the ball at all times. Avoid bending your hand or fingers to the front or side of the ball when you throw it.
Hold the ball with your thumb, pointer, and index fingers.
Your fingers should be placed on the horseshoe seam, parallel to it.
This grip can also help with precision and consistency when shooting pitches.

Build consistency.

Although you can train frequently enough and have adequate strength, throwing the ball without any consistency will prevent you from developing more launch speed. Constant training is a key element of your practice that will help you develop a faster launch speed.
Try to record your practice sessions and analyze your technique.
Coaches will often be able to help you analyze and improve your consistency

Practice with long pitch.

Long-throw will train your throwing skills by gradually increasing the amount of distance you are throwing the ball. It is a good technique to drill your launch mechanics at different intensity levels, improve power and speed, and familiarize yourself with the launch movement in many circumstances. Follow this basic long-throw training routine to start improving the power and technique of your throws:
Warm-up simply by playing catch or other light activity.
Throw the ball around 60 feet for about four minutes.
Move to throw the ball at 90 feet for three minutes.
For two minutes, throw the ball at 130 ‘.
Maximize the distance by throwing the ball between 160-180 ‘for two minutes.
Throw it back at 45 ‘for a minute for cooldown.

Use your whole body.

It can be tempting to think of pitching as a unique and superior move or technique. However, a proper launch that produces high-speed launches will require your entire body to work together in one smooth motion. This concept is known as the kinetic chain and is something you should keep in mind when practicing the technique.
Inefficiency or weakness in a movement or part of the body can weaken the entire tone.
The entire body must work together to generate more effective and powerful throws.
Baseball Coach and Instructor
Our expert agrees: To improve your throwing mechanics, lift your knees, keep your elbows up, and finish with a strong following. Doing so will improve your accuracy, and from there you can improve the speed and power of your throws.

Rotate your torso and hips when launching.

When you are launching you will be using your whole body. This move will require you to fully commit to the move and use your best effort to throw the ball as fast as you can. Be sure to use full motion and torso rotation to maximize the speed of your throws.
Higher torso, hip, and shoulder rotation speeds will increase casting speed.
Commit to improve and train your technique and mechanics.

Keep the force behind the ball.

The main source of speed on a pitch will come from keeping your arm and hand directly behind the ball. Only at the end of the throwing movement should you use your wrist to break the ball. Always remember to keep your arm and hand directly behind the ball to increase the speed behind your throws.
Turning the wrist too soon will take some of the force behind the ball.
Keep your hand, wrist, and arm straight when launching.

Increase Pitching Velocity review Method 02.

Strength and flexibility training

Improve your strength and flexibility.

In addition to practicing your throwing technique, you can also add certain exercises to your training plan, getting even better results. Building a stronger body and increasing flexibility levels will help improve launch speed. Consider adding some of the following basic exercises to your exercise routine.
Hamstring curls
Full body stretching routines

Use lunges to build stronger legs.

Although training the upper body and core is important, strengthening the legs is just as important by increasing launch speed. By training your legs hard, you can help build a solid throwing stance and generate more power behind your throws. Try some of these movements to do a proper lunge and strengthen your legs.
Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Take a long step forward with one leg.
Drop the rear leg to the ground, straightening it.
Bend the front leg at the knee. Never let your knee go in front of your toes to avoid injury.
Stand up straight again and repeat the movement, leading with the other leg.
You can hold weights in your hands to increase the difficulty.

Build upper body power with push-ups.

Push-ups are a simple maneuver that uses your own bodyweight to strengthen muscles and increase power. The push-up will primarily target the upper body, but will also work the core and legs. Use the following pushup technique to stay safe and increase casting power.
Get into a plank position, resting on your hands and feet.
Your hands should be level and slightly wider than your shoulders.
Keep your body and torso straight.
Lower your body to the ground by bending your elbows.
Your entire upper body and arms should support your weight as you lower yourself.
At the bottom of the movement, push yourself back to the starting position.

Target your core with planks.

Planks are a static exercise that will fully target and engage your core. The exercise itself is simple, but it will still require you to use the proper form to stay safe and make the most of it. Keep the following tips in mind when developing core strength with the plank exercise.
Put yourself in a flexed position. However, for aboard, you will rest on your elbows instead of your hands.
Keep your back as flat as possible.
Engage the core muscles to keep the torso straight and the hips up.
Hold the position until you cannot continue to do so.

Maintain flexibility.

Strength training and consistent practice sessions can be beneficial. However, these training methods can also reduce flexibility. Reduced flexibility will result in lower launch speed. Always maintain a range of motion and flexibility by regularly stretching your muscles before and after practice or training.
Maintaining flexibility can also prevent injury.

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