Full Body Dumbbell Workouts

Full-Body Workout Using with Dumbbells-2020

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts Review:

In this article, we introduce you to one of the best Full Body Dumbbell Workouts you’ll find online. It is designed to eliminate excess body fat and build strength and muscle quickly.

Weights can be superior to weights in many ways, as they offer greater exercise versatility and allow unilateral training, which means isolating only one muscle or only one side of your body at a time. This approach can be very helpful if you have developed some form of body imbalance over the years. You can start using weights when the bars are no longer effective. You can do this exercise if your goal is to build muscle mass faster and burn extra fat at the same time.

It is important that you have a clear idea of ​​your position in relation to your training experience when choosing the load, the number of sets and repetitions, as well as the rest intervals. Always make sure to push hard and heavy, but also, always strive to execute the exercises properly. This Full Body Dumbbell Workouts training is in the form of a circuit and we suggest that you do it three times. Reps can be in the 8-12 range of each exercise, depending on your strength level.

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Straight Leg Deadlift:

Grasp the weights with your palms down and hold them in front of your thighs. Place your feet hip-width apart. The torso should be kept straight and the knees slightly bent. While breathing, lower your torso until you reach a position parallel to the floor. You should be able to feel a stretch sensation in your hamstrings. As you exhale, bring your torso back to its original upright position by extending your hips.

Floor Press:

Lie on the floor on your back and hold the weights in your hands. The triceps should touch the floor and the elbows should be kept close to the sides. Your wrists must be facing each other. You can also bend your knees if you want. Start by pressing the weights up.


Keep feet shoulder-width apart and hold weights in hands next to shoulders. Begin the exercise by squatting, and when you return the torso to the upper position, press the weights on your head. Then lower the weights to your shoulders. Pressing them over your head, you should focus on keeping your core tight and squeezing your butt to avoid lower back injury.

Forsaken Row:

Grab a pair of dumbbells in your hands and get into a pushup starting position. Keep your feet well apart. Move your body weight slowly and carefully to your left side and begin to row the dumbbell with your right hand to one side. Repeat the same movement on the other side.

Bent over rows:

Hold both weights with an overhand grip. Bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward until it is parallel to the floor.

Keep your torso immobile, exhale, and lift the weights to the sides of your torso. Hold them for a short period, breathe and lower them slowly.

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