Best mini exercise bike review

Best mini exercise bike review 2020

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike Review

Inactivity is the main culprit for most health problems. Do you have a job that keeps you behind a desk or sitting most of the day? Are you sedentary once you get home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to add some activity to your life.

The Sunny Health mini magnetic bike is one of the most positive products in its class. But if it fits your lifestyle? I wrote this review so you know the product and answer that question.

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In this review, I will cover some features, benefits, and things to keep in mind before buying. Let’s go inside and see if this mini bike is the best option for you!


Things to consider before buying a mini exercise bike

Sunny Health SF-B0418 Review

features and benefits

Other good options

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Things to consider before buying a mini exercise bike

Exercise bikes like the Sunny Health SF-B0418 are designed with efficiency in mind. They take up minimal space and can be easily moved, but still offer a good workout. Whether this product is under your desk at work or in front of your recliner at home, the SF-B0418 can help you sweat.

You may be used to seeing full frame bikes for bike workouts, but this mini bike can deliver similar results in a more compact way. If you are an athlete, this pedal system may not be challenging enough. If you’re trying to keep moving while working, rehabilitating an injury, or working while circulating, you might be the best candidate.

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Here are a few things to consider before buying:

Where will you most likely use it? The mini magnetic bike is just that: mini. So there are many options for places to pedal. If you plan to ride your bike under a work desk, be sure to consider the height of your desk. If your desk doesn’t have enough free space (or your legs are too long), your knees will hit the belly of the desk.

Do you mind assembling and maintaining the product? Although the mini bike doesn’t require a complete assembly, it does require quite a bit. The product comes with a wrench to assemble, and I would also recommend tightening the pedal bolts regularly (be careful to peel off the screws).

The Sunny Health SF-B0418 is a miniature, portable stationary bike that perfectly accommodates busy lifestyles. Its magnetic pedaling systems keep your ride smooth and quiet, making it ideal for an office environment. You’ll be able to burn calories and combat inactivity while multitasking at work or home.

Alongside its competitor, the DeskCycle (which I’ll review later in this article), the SF-B0418 is a cheaper option. I’ll discuss the feature differences later, but for the big price difference, this Sunny Health product is a great option.

The tension controller has 8 levels, and the LCD displays the speed, distance, and calories burned. What else makes this product stand out? Since there is no bicycle frame or seat, the mini pedal can be placed on a table and used for upper body exercises.


This bike is sturdy. If you have an office job and busy hours, it’s ideal for you. It’s also a great option if you’re just starting an exercise routine and need some low-impact cardio.

Because the pedals can also be used for the upper body, the mini bike is useful to complement if you have lower-body injuries. It is important to adapt cardio to your routine, so the mini bike leaves no room for excuses.

I would not recommend this bike to someone who wants to get their conditioning to the max or anyone looking for heavy bike training – a standard spin bike might be your best option. Check out our guide to the best spinning bikes to see which one is right for you!

There is a 220-pound weight limit, but this seems irrelevant to me. Most of your body weight will be sitting, so this is just a guide to how much pressure the pedals could withstand. This mini bike is not designed for pedaling while standing. That said, this product is not limiting based on its weight.

Portable and storable

Easy to assemble

Works like a pedaling machine for the upper body

Silent for office use


May require maintenance (lubrication of pedals, clamping screws, etc.)

Tension may not be high enough for people with disabilities

features and benefits


The quality of the mini bike is substantial, weighing in at just over 20 pounds. The weight and rubber feet make it compatible with most surfaces, even with rugs. The SF-B0418 is versatile, so you can use it in virtually any configuration.


Due to its compact design, this bike can be easily stowed out of sight. A handle is incorporated into the frame, so transporting the product is also simple. Volume is such a negative factor when you consider adding equipment to your home or office gym. The Sunny Health SF-B0418 solves this problem by offering excellent training with minimal space.


The magnetic steering wheel not only creates a sleek design, it is also virtually silent. Since one of the main attractions of this product is office use, this silent pedal system is ideal. Many alternative products use motorized pedals or torque-based friction tension.

What are the benefits of a magnetic wheel on friction stress? Because friction-style wheels use pads to add resistance, they wear out much faster than magnetic wheels. The torque friction pads also add some ambiguity to your levels. Turning the knob and finding a certain resistance is relative to the user.


Rubber foot straps are adjustable and adapt to any foot size. They also keep your foot firmly on the pedal and also allow you to have dynamic traction when pedaling. Learn more about this push/pull continuum and how it helps balance muscle groups!


The pedals are designed with duality in mind! Because the SF-B0418 can be pedaled with arms or legs, Sunny Health created a comfortable, ribbed pedal for a seamless transition between upper and lower body workouts.


The digital LCD display on the front of the bike tracks your progress. It lights up once you start pedaling and records time, distance, speed, and calories. Having the monitor will come in handy to track how many extra calories you burn while sitting.


Most full-frame bikes are annoying and big. You probably couldn’t drag a full-size spinning bike into your office without raising a few eyebrows. This pedal-only design keeps your workout discreet.

Other good options

Remember, there are other things on the market, so be sure to do your research before committing! Here are some other options that you would like to consider.


This desktop trainer is almost double the price, but the benefits are quite stellar. It has the lowest pedal height available (only 10 inches tall), so it can accommodate even the shortest desks.

Unlike the Sunny Health SF-B0418, the DeskCycle has bi-directional pedaling. These features allow you to more easily achieve that push / pull balance as I mentioned earlier. The DeskCycle also enters your personalized information so you can more accurately guess the calories burned through the calorie collection feature.

Medical Pedal Exerciser: The robust chrome design of this exerciser is well suited for therapy and circulation techniques. The medical pedal exerciser has a knob to increase resistance instead of a steering wheel. Since the resistance does not reach a challenging level, this trainer is considered ideal for sedentary or elderly patients.

The wide frame makes it more stable than most models. Because it does not offer any technological features, the operation is simple and batteries are not required for use.

Confidence Fitness Mini electric motorized bicycle: this mini-bicycle is equipped with a motorized pedal and 12 different speeds. The motorized pedal assist is designed to give consistency to your rhythm and add a little more ease when pedaling.

The Confidence has a detachable remote control for added convenience, and there are also built-in programs to take you through various resistance patterns. The downside of this product is its instability. It is a bit heavy, so be especially careful when pedaling.

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