Best lower back exercises for strength

Best lower back exercises for strength

The 9 Best lower back exercises for strength Reviews:

When we exercise the chest with a good routine, it looks turned, upright, toned and if you want, voluminous. You can not only do it from the gym, so if your thing is to train from home, take note of these simple exercises that will serve you not only to strengthen the pecs but the muscles of the arms and shoulders.

The importance of exercising the chest.

Both men and women want a firm and high chest; For some the volume is important, others, especially women, just want to keep it pretty, upright, and in a size according to their body. Such is the importance of training the chest that your back will thank you because the problems in this area begin to reduce considerably. However, to achieve this you must perform the correct routine and for them, there are two types of exercises that you can do at home: with your body weight and with dumbbells along with other special fitness accessories to work this area. Let’s get started right away!

What accessories do we need?

Even if you prefer to exercise only with your body weight, the mat or mat is necessary so that you avoid impacts on your back by touching the floor directly with your body. In addition, you need a pair of dumbbells of no more than 5 kg, a ball or a power bank, comfortable clothing, hydration, and Best lower back exercises for strength exercises before starting.

We recommend working them at least 3 times a week, doing 4 sets with repetitions of 15 or 20 in each exercise, depending on the level you are at. And remember that these exercises must be complemented by cardiovascular training that helps you burn fat.

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Bodyweight exercises.

Within this type of exercise, the most powerful and effective are the push-ups, in all its variations. They not only strengthen the pecs but the abdomen and back.

1 clapping flexions Lie on the mat with your hands and tiptoes resting on it. Hands should be slightly more open and legs straight. Bend your elbows and lower your body to the ground keeping them at a 45 ° angle relative to your chest. As you touch the ground, stretch your arms out forcefully to rise up and clap your hands in the air.

2. Inclined flexions. To perform them you need a ball or the power bank, in which you are going to rest your open hands, without dropping your hip and the balls of your feet on the ground. Keep your abs and glutes tight and start flexing.

3. Declined flexions. Put your hands on the ground and your feet on the ball or power bank. Posture is still key, so it tightens your abs and lowers back.

4.Side plank. Put yourself in the same position as the push-ups, cross your right hand over the left and start to move. Move your feet one after the other until you take three steps. Then make the same movement to the opposite side, which would count as a series. Do 12 repetitions.

5.Knees chest stretch. Kneel down on the mat, dropping the weight onto your heels. Lean back with your hands outstretched and palms straight on the floor. Press your hands on the floor to lift your chest. Arch your back and head back; stay in that position for 30 seconds.
Dumbbell exercises. You can find many exercises with dumbbells, but we will only mention three that we consider very good for the chest.

6. Bridge dumbbell. You not only tone the pecs but the buttocks. Lie on your back on the mat and bend your knees; lift your hips so that you support the weight on your back and form a bridge. Squeeze your glutes as you lift your pelvis. Take a dumbbell in each hand with your arms stretched out and bring them up. Do 12 repetitions.

7.Floor press. On a mat, lie on your back and grab a pair of dumbbells and initially put your hands on your pelvis. Strengthen your hip when you raise your arms in a straight line, up.

8.Dumbbells lying down. Lie on your back on the mat and bring your knees so that a 90 ° angle is formed. In each hand, hold a dumbbell and raise your arms until your hand’s touch, keeping the elbow joint slightly bent. Open your arms and lower them until they almost reach the mat. Do 12 repetitions.

9.Press banking. From home, you do it with dumbbells as a substitute for the barbell bench press done in the gym. You can achieve similar results, especially if you want to gain muscle mass in the chest.

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